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Sports Injury Treatment for Singapore

Injury of the ACL

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most commonly injured or torn ligaments in the knee. Any injuries in a ground based sport such as soccer, basketball or racket sports are common events causing an ACL tear. Generally, if the knee is otherwise healthy and one wishes to optimize their ability to return to sport, an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is a good option. This is a well-established procedure today and can be done reliably and with good results and satisfaction.

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Arthritis of the knee

Arthritis or cartilage damage/lesions of the knee can be very debilitating. The knee is usually painful and has intermittent swelling that can be worse with activities. In earlier stages of arthritis, injections and arthroscopy can provide pain relief. Cartilage repair is also possible in selected cases. When arthritis is advanced and combined with deformity, usually some form of resurfacing or joint replacement of the knee is needed. This has been associated with good long-term results and reliable relief of pain together with correction of knee alignment/deformity.

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Knee pain (Patellofemoral, IT Band pain)

The underlying cause of knee pain can be varied. Common reasons for knee pain can be related to issues with the patella (kneecap) and the tendons that are continuous with it such as the patella or quadriceps tendon. The iliotibial band (IT band) can also be responsible for knee pain. More and more, we are beginning to realize that in many cases of knee pain, the issue may be due to mal-alignment of the foot. The feet control how forces are distributed up to the knee, hip and spine as the foot strikes the ground with every step. Often, correcting a problem in the foot can alleviate symptoms in the knee, hip or spine. At our clinic, we aim to assess the whole lower limb.

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Meniscus tears

Tears of the meniscus can occur acutely, or be degenerative in nature. An acute tear frequently has an underlying episode of trauma or injury. A chronic tear or degenerative tear can occur without any specific injury or after a minor episode of trauma. In both situations, there would be swelling (effusion) of the knee and knee pain usually localized to the site of the meniscus tear. Currently, it is common to get an MRI of the knee to confirm the tear. Once a symptomatic tear is confirmed, arthroscopic treatment of the meniscus tear is a good option, combined with a rehabilitation program usually involving a physiotherapist.

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Whether you’re a professional athlete, a keen amateur, or just had a nasty accident, let us assist you. Orthosports has helped thousands of people requiring knee and ankle sports injury support get back on their feet. Read on to learn about the range of knee problems we can provide consultation for.

Providing knee and ankle sports injury treatment for athletes and non-athletes

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