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Dr Tan has dedicated his career to the treatment and advancement of Foot and Ankle Disorders. He is fellowship trained in the USA and Germany.

Some Conditions

Don’t struggle any more with moving around or accomplishing basic tasks. Heel pain or plantar fasciitis is one of the commonest conditions seen at the foot and ankle clinic. Please read our media article on ‘healing heels’. Most of the time, this can initially be managed with stretches, cushioning of the foot and activity modification. The majority of patients are expected to get better with time. In some patients, symptoms persist or return and further treatment may be necessary. Options for persistent heel pain There can be a variety of treatment approaches when symptoms are not improving, which can include injections, ultrasound treatment, open surgery to release the fascia to name a few. In the last few years, Dr Tan has been using an endoscopic…

Our practice has extensive experience recognising and providing treatment for this extremely common condition. Before the age of seven, many children’s feet are still growing, and may have a flatfoot as the arch is still developing. This means it can be a normal part of development requiring no intervention to correct. However, when a child has a severe flatfoot or one due to a congenital deformity such as a tarsal coalition, they may require treatment even at a young age. In cases where there is a loss of flexibility, or the flatfoot is particularly severe, parents are encouraged to bring their child for an appointment with our specialists. This would allow us to assess if intervention is beneficial or if there are any underlying congenital…

Spinal conditions, stroke and neuropathies can cause a foot drop. This can be quite debilitating as it interferes with gait and results in the person easily tripping over objects. Frequently, corrective rebalancing, tendon transfer or in some patients bony corrections can aid in improving the gait pattern. Correction of the foot drop can be a very good alternative to chronic use of an orthosis or brace.

Orthosports Foot & Ankle Doctor Singapore

Treatment for Injuries and Pain of the Ankle, Foot and Knee in Singapore

Get back on your feet. Orthosports Foot and Ankle Clinic provides consultation and treatment for individuals suffering from sports injuries and disorders of the lower limb. Whether you’re an athlete or an office-worker, we tailor our treatment of your injury and joint pain to your unique circumstances, working with you to create a plan most suited to your lifestyle and personal goals.

With a range of surgical, non-surgical and rehabilitative treatments available, our treatment is customised based on the severity and extent of your condition. At all stages – from pre-operative, to immediately after surgery to longer-term rehabilitation – we support you. Whether you require an opinion on ankle or knee arthroscopy for a sports injury, ligament or meniscus tear or  cartilage surgery for the treatment of arthritis, our clinic is here for you.

A leading foot and ankle doctor

Dr Tan Ken Jin is the head of our practice and consults with all patients. His subspecialties include the diagnosis and management of sports injuries and fractures, foot and ankle arthroscopy and treatment of foot deformities including bunions and flatfeet in both adults and children.

Dr Tan provides consultation for a wide variety of issues. This ranges from providing treatment for pain from joint sprains and minor injuries to conducting minimally invasive cartilage surgery for repair of damaged articular cartilage and ligaments in the ankle and knee.

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