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Dr Tan has dedicated his career to the treatment and advancement of Foot and Ankle Disorders. He is fellowship trained in the USA and Germany.

Some Conditions

Injuries and fractures that involve the ankle and foot can happen to anyone. Foot and ankle injuries during sport occur frequently. However, twisting your foot or ankle can occur during many activities of daily life such as tripping over a curb or someone else’s foot. Generally, a simple sprain can recover in a few days with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment. When the pain or swelling persists, there can be various injuries that have occurred. Many of these may require timely appropriate treatment to ensure a good recovery. Read our media article on Dr Tan’s study on the various types on injuries after an ankle sprain detected on MRI. Possible injuries include: Foot and metatarsal fractures Fifth metatarsal (Jones fractures) Tendon injuries (Peroneal tendons,…

This can be a complex clinical condition. Typically, diabetes would be an underlying cause that has resulted in either atypical fractures or deformities in the ankle or foot. The lower limb is most frequently affected. In Charcot foot, specialized expertise in assessment and treatment of the foot and ankle are needed to prevent the development of complications and amputation. In selected cases, a reconstruction of the foot and ankle can allow salvage of the foot and avoid an amputation or correct deformity.

The underlying cause of knee pain can be varied. Common reasons for knee pain can be related to issues with the patella (kneecap) and the tendons that are continuous with it such as the patella or quadriceps tendon. The iliotibial band (IT band) can also be responsible for knee pain. More and more, we are beginning to realize that in many cases of knee pain, the issue may be due to mal-alignment of the foot. The feet control how forces are distributed up to the knee, hip and spine as the foot strikes the ground with every step. Often, correcting a problem in the foot can alleviate symptoms in the knee, hip or spine. At our clinic, we aim to assess the whole lower limb…

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